Find out about the selection of tapas at the bar or ask the waiting staff
1.- / per piece 6.-/ for 5

Choice of Antipasti
Italian hams, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian and Dutch cheeses etc
300gr / 15.-


Goat Cheese Salad 8,00
Honey/mustard vinaigrette-sauce/green salad/onion jelly/fresh berries

Caesar  Salad 8,00
Crispy chicken/bacon/parmesan/ croutons

Buckwheat Pancakes with Salted Whitefish 8,50
Caviar/sour-cream/onion/wakame dust

Mussels in White Wine Sauce 8,50
Roasted white bread/ramson

Pike-ball Soup 6,50
Fish broth/vegetables

Creamy Tomato Soup 6,50
Roasted capers

Main courses

Vilde Beef Burger 8,00
Beef burger/home made french fries/chilli mayonnaise

Chicken Pasta 9,00

Celeriac Steak 9,50
Cauliflower cream/baby-tomatoes/salad/onion jelly/orange-mustard vinaigrette sauce

Chicken Fillet 9,50
Pureed red peppers/grilled tomatoes/carrot/broccolini/white wine sauce

Pork Ribs 12,00
Smoked potato/vegetable letcho/green salad

White Fish 16,00
Pureed broccoli /broccolini/marinated onion/salted cucumber/mustard and white wine sauce

Beef Sirloin 19,00
Red wine sauce/pureed celeriac/carrot/broccolini/beetroot/onion

Children Puzzle menu 4,50
Choose a component from each row and create your own food compilation

A – Mashed potatoes/french fries/pasta
B – Schnitzel/chicken/wieners
C – Tomato/cucumber/fresh salad


Chocolate  Fondant 5,00
Ice-cream/cherry sauce

Orange Creme Brulee 5,00

Pavlova 5,00

Vilde Apple Crumble Cake 5,00

Vanilla Ice-Cream with Berries 4,00