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Find out about the selection of tapas at the bar or ask the waiting staff
1.- / per piece

Choice of Antipasti
Italian hams, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian and Dutch cheeses etc
300gr / 15.-


Salted Whitefish 8,50
Egg-salad, red onion, wakame dust, yoghurt, salad

Poached Duck Egg 8,50
Asparagus, parma ham, mustard and honey sauce and chorizo oil

Seafood Soup 9,00
Pikeperch, salmon, shrimps, vegetables

Mussels 8,50
Creamy wine sauce with  ramson, served with toasted ciabatta

Nonno-Nanni Cheese 8,50
Served with roasted vegetables and bacon

Caesar Salad 8,00
Romaine lettuce, crispy chicken, parmesan and croutons

Creamy Tomato Soup 6,50
Herbs and roasted capers, served with toasted ciabatta and ramson pesto

Salted Trout on Roasted White Bread 8,50
Marinated red onion, cherry-tomatoes, salted cucumber, quail egg, salad and anchovy sauce

Main courses

Chicken Fillet 9,50
Red pepper puree, grilled Cherry-tomatoes, carrot and asparagus

Chicken Pasta 8,50
Tagliatelle with champinions, cherry-tomatoes, parmesan and balsamico vinegar 

Pork Ribs 12,00
Roasted potatoes,  vegetable letcho and salad

Slow-Baked Rump of a Lamb 16,00
Parsnip, pureed jerusalem-artichokes, roasted mushrooms and demi-glaze sauce 

Beef Burger 8,00
Home made vfench fries, BBQ-sauces

Grilled swede (vegan) 9,00
Cauliflower cream,  asparagus, cherry-tomatoes, fresh salad, onion jam

Pikeperch Fillet 16,00
Salted cucumber, marinated onion, cauliflower cream and white wine sauce

Children Puzzle menu 4,50
Choose a component from each row and create your own food compilation

A – Mashed potatoes/french fries/penne
B – Schnitzel/chicken/wieners
C – Tomato/cucumber/fresh salad


Rhubarb Semifredo 5,00
Served with pistacia cream and fresh berries

Pavlova 5,00
Mascarpone cream, fresh berries

Apple Crumble Cake 4.50
Served with vanilla ice-cream

Creme Brulee 5,00
Served with fresh berries

Vanilla Ice-cream 4,00
Served with fresh berries